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The U. Oxford Analytica is a global analysis and advisory firm that draws on a worldwide network of experts to advise its clients on their strategy and performance.

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Washington has been trying to strengthen anti-narcotics efforts in the region while not undermining counter-insurgency operations. Hence, the pickle. For the past decade, Afghanistan has manufactured and exported more heroin than any other country.

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The country produced about 6, tonnes of opium invalued at 1. A vicious circle exists: Narcotics trafficking finances the Taliban insurgency, whose disruptive activities prevent the Afghan authorities from suppressing opium cultivation and promoting alternative livelihoods.

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About a quarter of Afghan heroin is trafficked along the 'northern route' through Central Asia into Russia - and onwards to Europe most of the bitcoin doubler flows into Iran or Pakistan. The Pentagon now buys Russian fuel for its helicopters in Afghanistan; it sends supplies to U.

Bilateral raghuram rajan apie bitcoin cooperation has improved so much that Russia last year helped with raids against large drug laboratories in Afghanistan.

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A Russia-U. Afghan government campaigns typically avoid confronting powerful and politically connected drug lords, or engage in deals that safeguard the bulk of the crop.

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Russian officials want authorities to spray herbicides from small aircraft, as done with coca crops in Colombia. SinceU.

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Instead, they have provided indirect support to Afghan government forces engaged in eradication, focusing instead on interdicting narcotics shipments and financial transactions, attacking major drug lords and supporting programs designed to transition Afghan farmers to cultivating legal, alternative crops such as wheat. This resulted in part from the U. Moscow has lobbied Central Asian governments to reject the initiative, which was supposed to launch last month but failed to muster enough support.

Russia wants the United States to focus law enforcement and related efforts exclusively inside Afghanistan, rather than establish networks in Central Asia that would be less open to Russian influence.

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However, Russia-U. Neither is ready to give up their goals for the sake of better bilateral counter-narcotics cooperation.

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Meanwhile governments in Central Asia are wary of U. For samples of the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief, click here.